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Stats Overview


Manage Orders

Get Notified


Dark Mode Friendly


Alerts you of new orders

Contact Customers

Email, Phone, WhatsApp


Create and send invoices


Manage product reviews

WooCommerce In Your Pocket

  • Connect your store
  • Add products (Variable, External, Grouped, Simple)
  • Get notified of new orders (no plugin required)
  • Manage orders (Edit status, addresses, products, quantities, fees)
  • Contact customers
  • And lots more…

Manage Multiple Stores

Easily Switch Between Stores

Change and manage your stores easily from the Stats Overview or from the Dashboard.
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Simple to Add New Stores

Generate a Consumer Key and Consumer Secret form your WooCommerce admin and you’re all set.

Free while on Beta

SwiftyAdmin is now available to Beta testers. No subscription needed.

Speed up your Business

Your customers are on mobile devices. You should be too. Manage your WooCommerce store from anywhere.